5 Ways a Website Can Grow Your Business

5 Ways a Website Can Grow Your Business

Have you noticed that selling through Facebook is getting harder? Your posts aren't being seen by your page likers and you're forever responding to PMs and comments trying to make that sale. Wouldn't it be great to simply set something in place which will do all the hard work for you? 

You need a website!

Today we're sharing with you five ways that having a website can significantly grow your business and give you back your time to work on your business, not in it!

5 Ways a Website Can Grow Your Business

There are plenty of benefits of having a website and we've explained more about why you need a website in our article Does My Small Business Need a Website. Having a website does make life easier and automate sales for you, but it also grows your business. Let's look at the five ways it does this:

  1. It increases your visibility - having a website gives your customers another way of finding you. Chances are that you use Google to help you find what you're looking for. Well, your customers do the same and if you don't have a website, they can't find you.
  2. It makes you seem more legit - by having a website, customers take you more seriously. It shows you are a legit business and someone they can trust.
  3. It saves you money on advertising - when you have a website, you don't need to pay for it to be found by search engines. When done well, your site will appear in Google searches for free!
  4. It shows you're trustworthy and knowledgeable - by having a website, you demonstrate to your customers that you are in for the long haul. You're professional and trustworthy, and the content you have on your site shows visitors that you really know your stuff in your industry too.
  5. It makes buying your products easier and faster - selling through Facebook requires you to be there to take their order and organise how they will pay you. A website does the job automatically and you get paid without having to do any selling!

There's no need to sit on the fence any longer about whether or not you need a website. You do and you can get started for free today! We're New Zealand's top free DIY website builder and other than your domain and hosting, there's no other costs to worry about. Get your free trial started today and remember, we're always here to help you too.

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Posted: Thursday 9 August 2018