Top Tips On Running Facebook Giveaways

Everybody loves a Facebook giveaway, except Facebook when you get it wrong. No longer is hosting a giveaway as simple as having a prize and giving it away to a winner because there are specific rules you need to follow to prevent your giveaway being shut down. While it may seem like they are being party poopers in cancelling competitions, disappointing your fans and infuriating you, they are doing it because they really do not want the possible implications of being associated with any type of competition.

Criteria For Facebook Giveaways

When you run a competition through Facebook, be it on your personal or business page, you must:

  • Comply with Facebook’s official rules

  • Provide terms and conditions, including who is eligible to enter

  • Run it in a timeline or through a third party app

  • Ask for a like of the post to enter, but not a like of your page

  • Follow the rules of your own giveaway and of your prizes (if any)

  • Have your entrants completely release Facebook from any responsibilities

  • Say that your giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook

  • Not ask for shares or tags in order to enter

  • Acknowledge that Facebook is not going to help you administer your giveaway

These rules apply to both competitions run on Facebook, but also to competitions you are advertising or promoting on Facebook. So if you let your fans know via Facebook to head over to your website to enter your giveaway, your giveaway must also follow the same rules. Also interestingly enough, you cannot choose a random fan to win a prize, ask your fans to vote for a post or picture on your page and nor can you let somebody know they have won a prize through the Facebook platform.

Wording A Facebook Competition

There has been a lot of chatter online about Facebook ‘hunting’ for competition and giveaway type words in posts and then reducing their reach. While there is no official statement on this, business owners have found words such as free, competition, giveaway, sale, enter and share lower the number of fans who see posts which contain those words. Using images with text or a range of keystrokes between letters of text in posts has been known to get through Facebook’s ‘hunting for competition words’ and allow access to a larger audience.

Finally, rather than reinventing the wheel, the next time you run a giveaway, you can copy and paste this disclaimer statement onto your post:

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to the owner of this Facebook page and not to Facebook.

Good luck!

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Posted: Friday 8 April 2016


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