Starting a Side Hustle Business

Considering starting up a side hustle business? While some side hustles will thrive, others will fail to deliver. In this article, we'll walk you through the niche selection process, and explain how to get your side hustle up and running smoothy and quickly. 

What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is a secondary job that is set up as a hobby or extra money earner using skills that you already have in your free time. For example, you enjoy taking photos, so you set up a pet photography business you operate during the weekends. The money earnt can help to pay off debts, be spent on daily needs or saved for a specific purpose. Some become incredibly successful and replace the owner's full time job, while others fail to get off the ground. There are multiple reasons why a side business can boom or flop, and together we'll work through the main points with you.

Side Hustle Business Ideas

A quick search on Google will bring up hundreds of ideas you could use to start a small business. A lot is riding on which idea you choose, which can seem stressful. Our best advice for the majority of people is to choose a highly specific niche area, of which you are knowledgeable and skilled in, and which of course provides a service or product people want to buy. We've made a list of some of the most commonly chosen ideas for a side hustle here:

  • Pet sitting or dog walking
  • Car washing and detailing
  • Virtual assistant
  • Make and sell products
  • Rideshare driver
  • Website designer
  • Writer
  • Online tutoring
  • Local tour guide
  • Create and sell digital products
  • Drop shipping business
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Social media curator
The key to success is that what you choose to offer provides customers with something they really need which isn't currently available. It doesn't need to be a new invention, but something which is done, looks or works differently, and that a customer would favor more than the same product your competitors are making.

Growing a Successful Side Hustle Business

To grow a successful side hustle business requires firstly an in demand product or service, followed by lots of planning and marketing to get it known out there in the world. This can include completing the following:

  • business plan 
  • marketing plan
  • competition analysis
  • social media promotion
  • website building
  • social proof and testimonials
  • paid advertising
  • website SEO

Building a Website for Your Side Hustle

Having a great website is one of the key tools you have available for your side hustle. From acting as an agent of information through to making sales and capturing leads, your website is an incredibly powerful tool. Building a website using Website World's platform is easily and quickly completed. As well as providing you with a way to connect with your customers, promote and sell your products, a website also gives your business legitimacy and helps form customer relationships.

As well as listing the benefits of having your own website, we've also created a step by step video on how to build your own website for you to follow. We also have an FAQ page for those new to websites, and of course our super popular DIY SEO section which teaches you how to do your own search engine optimisation and get found by Google and other search engines. 

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Posted: Thursday 27 June 2024