Setting Up a Side Business as a Web Designer

Web Designers Can Work Anywhere at Anytime

One of the greatest benefits about being a website designer is the flexibility it brings you. Because of this, running a side business as an additional income stream is a highly viable and realistic option for many business owners and entrepreneurs.

Here at Website World, we'd like to support you to set up your own business as a web designer by offering you 12 months of free hosting of your new website consultancy business' website. We'll provide you with a reseller account which will allow you to design your own website promoting your services, as well as an avenue for your customers to build their own website through you.

You'll receive between 25-50% of any website hosting fees they pay and a percentage of domains purchased through your reseller account. You will also receive 100% of any web design and building, content creation, SEO and ongoing content management services you provide your customers. 

What's Involved In Being a Web Designer?

Here at Website World, we have a comprehensive content management system which anyone can build a website with. If you have used our CMS before to either create or manage your own website with, setting up a web design business and selling your services is an easy next step.

As an independent web designer (reseller of Website World) , you will be able to:

  • set up your own website consultancy business website, which we will host free of charge for one year
  • sell your web design services to others, building them a website using our CMS, receiving 100% of the cost you charge your customers for your services
  • receive between 25-50% of the monthly hosting fees for your customers who have a website built by you, or through your reseller account
  • receive a percentage of any domain purchased through your reseller account
  • sell additional services directly to your website customers, receiving 100% of your cost you charge them for services you have provided including graphic design, website content, content management and SEO 

To receive our offer of one year of free website hosting for your web design/consultancy website, your website must be solely focused on the promotion of website design, website building and website creation. 

Become a Web Designer Using Website World 

If you are interested in taking up the opportunity to become a reseller using the Website World CMS and starting your own web design business (either full time or as a side business), we're here to help. 

As an easy reseller, there is no financial administration required by you. Instead, we will manage all the billing requirements for the domains and hosting your customers purchase via your reseller website. You will gain access to our white label CMS from which you have administrative control over your customer websites. 

As our CMS is easy to use, with no coding or technical web development experience needed, it is quick and easy to run your web design business upon. All you need is:

  • experience in using the Website World CMS to build or edit websites 
  • great sales skills to be able to reach out and sell your web design services
  • motivation to start up a new web design business and succeed!

To get started, learn more or sign up here:  


Posted: Tuesday 14 April 2020