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SEO Jargon Explained

If SEO seems full of weird words, confusing sentences and geek speak, never fear; we're here to put things right.

Every good website needs to contain aspects of SEO or search engine optimisation aspects within it. While there's a lot of helpful SEO resources available online, technical SEO vocabulary is often used and not explained in enough detail.

That's one reason why we've created this SEO glossary which contains and explains essential SEO vocabulary. We've organised the glossary into two parts: beginner and advanced.

A Beginner's SEO Glossary

  • SEO - search engine optimisation
  • Search engine optimisation - the things you do specifically to improve the page ranking of your website by a search engine
  • Search engine - an online program which searches and stores information in a database - Google, Yahoo etc
  • SERPs - search engine results pages 
  • ALT Text/Tag/Attribute - a written description of an image which a search engine can read. 
  • Anchor Text - the text on a page which is linked to another page. 
  • Domain - your website address.
  • Headings - the text within your website which is put inside an h-tag (h1, h2 etc) The smaller the number, the more important the heading is seen as being to search engines.
  • Inbound Link - a link from someone else's website to yours.
  • Internal Link -a link from one page of your website to another page of your website.
  • Indexing - what search engines do with the content on your website when they crawl your site.
  • Keyword -a word or phrase someone enters using a search engine to find information.
  • Link Building - increasing the number of inbound links to your website. Adding your details to our free NZ business directory will give you an SEO friendly backlink to your site. 
  • Nofollow - a link from one site to another which it does not give SEO credit to as it is a page the original site does not want to endorse.
  • Sitemap - a map of all the pages on a website created by the CMS which makes it easy for a search engine to index the website.
  • Spider - a computer program (often a search engine) which searches through the pages on your website and collects information about them.

Advanced SEO Glossary

  • Domain Authority - a score out of 100 based on a prediction of how well your website will rank in a search engine. The higher the number, the stronger your website is.
  • Local SEO - the things you do to increase your website's visibility in local searches on a search engine (local being your surrounding area).

This SEO glossary will continue to grow as we add new terms to it.

For further SEO support, we recommend visiting our SEO resources page.

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Posted: Friday 25 October 2019