Responsive Web Design - System Upgrade

Mobile usage of websites is on the increase with large format mobile phones. We are currently upgrading all our galleries, catalogs, product pages, shopping carts, checkout pages, directory listings, etc etc to use a responsive approach to web design.

Responsive web design means your website will display well on smaller devices, and enable fast checkout in the shopping cart by customers using their mobile phone to browse your site or shop. 

These changes should not negatively effect the look and feel of your design, however, the first wave of changes have caused some sites to render differently. It is a hard job to upgrade a system which is used by thousands of customers without causing some minor display issues. 

All sites may notice minor layout changes when they next publish. 

These issues mostly relate to conflicting CSS settings of your template, versus our default settings. 

Please be on the look out for thumbnails or images looking oversized, or pushing out your template width, or scroll bars appearing in odd places. Please raise a support ticket if you experience any issues like this. We will fix the issue promptly for you. 

First refresh your cache and your browser to make sure you have all the latest HTML/CSS and not some "old version".

Posted: Tuesday 15 October 2013


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