Products to Sell Online That Don't Need Shipping

No Shipping Needed Products

Sounds strange, doesn't it? Selling products online to customers that don't require you to ship anything to them. Well it's easier than you may think, and today we're sharing some ideas with you on "no shipping required products!"

Say Good Bye to Physical eCommerce Products

Not everyone who wants to have an online store has the desire to buy and resell or make and sell physical products. The great news is, there are plenty of products you can sell online which don't need storage, packaging and posting facilities. Here are five 'virtual' products you can sell online:

Digital Products

From eBooks to digital photographs, there are plenty of options should you wish to sell digital products. Once purchased, you can set things up in the CMS so these products are automatically sent to the customer for downloading.


When you have something additional to offer customers, you can set up a member-only area on your website and sell access to it. The member-only section is only accessed by a password to which the customer receives a login once they've purchased their membership.


Consider setting up a business directory in a niche industry and charging businesses to list within it. As well as offering as many different listings as you like, it can also give the customer a valuable backlink for SEO purposes. If you haven't already, check out and add your listing to our free NZ business directory, Business Networking NZ.


Teaching online is a highly viable business nowadays. Either using live or recorded classes, you can reach and sell to a world-wide audience. Examples include yoga, Pilates and music lessons.


Service based businesses often send invoices to clients once work has been completed. Instead though, you could sell your services through your website, letting customers purchase and then book themselves in all in one place, providing beneficial automation.

As well as having a stand alone no shipping product website, you can also sell 'virtual' products on the same site as physical ones. Often they are a useful addition and automated income stream.

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Posted: Monday 2 September 2019