eCommerce Website Blog: November 2016

  • To push more websites to implement encryption and to better protect users, Google will start flagging plain HTTP connections as insecure in its popular Chrome browser.

    The plan will go into effect in January 2017 with the release of Chrome 56
    Posted: Tuesday 15 November 2016
  • Finding great content can be tricky, which is why many businesses create their content to share on Facebook and other social media sites. But if you are not feeling creative, here are 8 places where you can find ideas for your Facebook or
    Instagram pages.
    Posted: Tuesday 15 November 2016
  • Changing all our websites to SSL is not as straightforward as we hoped. Many websites include custom styles, scripts, iframes etc, that are not secure... Manual updates may be required to many websites to gain SSL status.
    Posted: Tuesday 8 November 2016