Our COVID-19 Response

To keep our team safe, we have transitioned to working from home. Our support hours remain the same; 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. As some of our team have children at home also, you may hear background noise when you call us

Keeping Your Website Online

While shipping of non essential products has currently stopped, you can still accept orders for your products, ready to ship once restrictions are lifted. If you do not want to take orders at the moment, you can deactivate the Buy Buttons temporarily on your website. Look for the new COVID-19 section at the very top of your welcome page. 

eCommerce websites will see this message:

Service based websites will see this message:


You can also take this time to work on creating blogs for your website, improving your SEO, watching our how-to videos or giving your website design a makeover. 

In my opinion, NZ looks to have quarantined early, and contained the issue somewhat. Most new infections appear to be imported, and the quarantine should limit community spread. We hope our business customers will be back running their businesses after this short 4 week holiday, when we expect to return to level 3 status. 

Our team will continue to work from home during level 3. Please do not come to our office, it is closed. We are available online to provide training via Zoom, as well as contactable via our support desk phone and email.

Posted: Friday 27 March 2020