New Default Mobile Theme

New Default Mobile Theme

We have updated the default mobile theme for all websites. 

The new mobile theme is a simple gray scale layout with no images, which makes it quick to load even on 2G connections and older mobiles.

An easy to click menu which will take you to the content you need quickly at the press of a Finger

A search faciliy is easily accessible for large websites. 

In order to access the new mobile layout for your website, you must login to the CMS and press publish. We encourage all website owners to do this as soon as possible. 


Want a Better Mobile Experience?

If you don't like the default mobile experience, you can either request it is disabled so that the desktop version displays on mobile mode. (under design settings, advanced, mobile),

Or you can request we design a custom mobile theme for your website. 

More Upgrades Coming Soon

We will be adding more integration with google maps, phone dialer and more soon. 

Additional improvements for mobile in the shopping pages will be added soon. 


Posted: Tuesday 7 May 2013


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