How Your Website Can Help You During a Recession

Your Number 1 Business Tool is Your Website

It can be very tempting to cut back on business expenses during a recession. In fact, Business Networking NZ have written an article on Budget Cutting Ideas for Kiwi Businesses which has some fabulous ideas for saving money on your business expenses.

One thing you must do is keep your website online.

Yes, you'll need to pay to do so, but you'll pay even more within the next few weeks and months with:

  • decreased online presence
  • zero traffic from search engines
  • zero SEO rankings
  • zero website inquiries
  • drop in customer loyalty
  • no way to sell via a shopping cart
  • fewer ways to share information to your target market
  • no way to capture email addresses for newsletters
  • lower levels of trust from customers and clients
  • less evidence showing your level of expertise within your industry

Your business website is your business' online home. It is where people go to learn more about your offerings, educate themselves on topics within your industry and of course, buy your products or services securely without fear. Without a website, they can no longer do any of those things. 

For more information about helping your business through a tough financial period, take a read of:

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Posted: Friday 20 March 2020