How to Write a Really Helpful Support Ticket

Often customers ask us question in support without providing us with any context. This blog highlights the ways we would like support questions to be asked, such that we are able to provide a swift and complete answer to you, without having to ask you for more detail. 

In all cases, you should provide us with the context, being which website ID, URL, or which email address, and a big screenshot (not a cropped one) 

1 - Email Issues

I am getting loads of spam to my email mailbox: ____@_______.____
The email is from:  ____@_______.____
Here is a screenshot showing the issue: ______________________
(Attach screenshot of email, so we can see what the content is, but not trip up our own spam filter) 

2 - Product Price is Wrong 

Discounts are not working properly on all/one of my products. Even if all products, you need to tell us about a specific product, but yes it helps to tell us that all are broken. 
An example product URL is ________________ 
The product code is __________________
The RRP price shown is  ________________  
The checkout price shown is  ________________    
The _________ should show _________
See screenshot showing exactly where on the page i mean _________________

3 - Cannot upload Image X or Image X looks fuzzy. 

I cannot upload the attached image to my website without it looking fuzzy or showing a red error mark.
The original image I am trying to upload is ___________________ (attach the image to the email)
Here is a full screenshot of where abouts in the CMS I am uploading the image. ______________
Here is a URL to the page where i expect to see the image I just uploaded. _________________________

4 - Other Errors

There is an error on one of my pages, or in the CMS, on Google, on my email, or anywhere....
Here is a screenshot of the error message _________________ 
(Attach screenshot including the whole browser window, (or desktop) so we know what browser/ OS, address bar etc) 
The URL to the page on my website is _______________  
or To get to this page is you must ______________ ( click here, then here, then here etc... ) 
By providing a clear and concise description of your problem, we can help you more quickly. Thanks very much!

Posted: Tuesday 26 November 2019