How to Become a Web Designer

Starting a New Work from Home Business as a Web Designer

One of the great things about being a web designer is the ability to work from virtually anywhere. All you need is access to a device or PC and an internet connection.

If you are already familiar with using our CMS, having either built or used it for your own business, the now is the time to set up another income stream.

If you are:

  • already good at selling
  • have access to a range of businesses (or can find them)
  • know how to use Website World

then we'd like to give you free hosting for your website consultancy business for 12 months (T&Cs apply- this website must be strictly focused on promoting website design, website building and website creation).

Set yourself up with a free website promoting your website skills, along with the ability for your customers to build their own website or register a domain through you. You can earn 100% of the cost of any website design, SEO, content writing and ongoing content management undertaken by you for your website customers. You can also earn between 25-50% of the cost of website hosting fees paid by your customers, plus a percentage of their domain registration costs too.

If you would like to start up a business as a web designer using our CMS, then please send us an email to requesting to become a reseller. We'll then set you up with a reseller account ready for you to start designing your website and gaining new customers immediately.

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Posted: Tuesday 7 April 2020