Using the Google Shopping Experience Scorecard

If you use Google Merchant Center, then the new Shopping Experience Scorecard program could be something you may want to look into. Only available for use in specific countries including New Zealand, by participating and meeting specific criteria, you can obtain the 'Trusted Store Badge' which is displayed on your listings and prominent placements on the Google Shopping tab.

What is Google's Shopping Experience Scorecard?

A new feature inside Google Merchant Center, the Shopping Experience Scorecard has a goal of rewarding  businesses who provide great customer service with higher rankings in the Google Pay Per Click Shopping tab. The metrics which will be scored and then used by the Shopping Experience Scorecard are the delivery time, delivery cost, return cost and return window. These metrics are self reported by you through the Merchant Center. The seller rating, another metric that is used, is calibrated by Google using Google customer reviews and third party review website. The ratings available are opportunity, comparable and excellent. You can view your own rating through your Google Merchant Center account.

Google has said that they will not penalise any merchant who does not use the experience scorecard, but that those who do and meet their criteria for providing excellent customer service can receive “a boost in rankings,” “a badge” and “other benefits that will help consumers find your business,” within the Google Shopping tab in Google Search.

For further information about this, please visit Google's help pages.

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Posted: Tuesday 28 March 2023