Adsense - Passive income from high traffic websites

For those with community or general interest websites, who have lots of traffic, may consider the use of Adsense to make a little recurring and passive income.

Adsense and other equivalent affiliate websites provide a small piece of code/script that you can embed into your website using our "insert script/html" wizard, and then adverts/products will automatically be promoted on your website that are relevant to your existing content.

Anyone using Gmail might note they recently moved the position of advertising on the page, and the position of where you put an advert is really important. Consider that Gmail have now moved the advert down to where you type your replies... This area of the screen gets much more attention.

Another great place to put adverts is on your "thank you" pages after contact, as this is an "exit page" and a great place to encourage your user on their next web journey. Such focussed placement will increase revenue much more than top or right column positions.

Or better yet, using something like Amazon affiliate program, you can select and promote specific products on your page, and even make it look like it is a feature of your website, and not blatent advertising. Such a feature can deliver a real and relevant service to your visitors, and general ongoing passive income to yourself.

Please consider wisely if you are going to have advertising on your website. It works great for clubs and charities and informational websites. However, if you are selling a product or service, you may find that your competitors can start placing adverts on your website, and controlling the wording of those adverts quite specifically.


Posted: Thursday 23 December 2010


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