Free POS - Point Of Sale System now available for free

Free POS - Point Of Sale System now available for free

You can now get our integrated POS system for free with all our eCommerce hosting plans.

Integrated POS is awesome, because it keeps stock and pricing and information synchronised between your online store and showroom/depot. 

POS is available on ipads, desktops, notebooks, phones or any device with a good internet connection. 

Integrated POS works just like your shopping cart, except it is fast tracked so you can checkout quickly when freight is not required or when customer does not wish to provide personal details. 

Staff can "retrieve" online orders that have not yet been submittted to help customers over the phone. 

Staff can add discretionary discounts, both for orders in store, and also for website orders in progress, and then let the customer check out.

POS sales accept payment methods such as cash or eftpos. 

POS screens give clarity over stock numbers, indicating how much stock you have, and how many unfilled orders have been placed, and where you can find the stock, and any other notes about inwards goods ETA, or notes about damage and special handling, etc. 

Staff can process unfilled web orders and update their status from the POS system.

Managers can view sales in real time from all showrooms. Managers can produce reports to reconcile cash totals and other payment methods at end of day. 

POS is currently in BETA mode and only available via the CMS login, but we will soon be providing access so all your staff can use it too. 

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Posted: Wednesday 2 April 2014