Who Offers New Zealand's Best eCommerce Solution?

Other Shopping Platforms 
Vs Website World

Are We Comparing Apples with Apples?

You want to use the best website builder for your online store. You've spend a long time looking at the features of the many different website platforms and have narrowed your choice down to two. It's the Famous Shopping Platform vs Website World.

We're taking an honest look between the two free website builders today to help show you which is  NZ's best eCommerce solution.

NZ's Best eCommerce Solution?

Let's explore the major differences between Website World and another well known Shopping Platform:

Other Shopping Platform Features

  • free website builder
  • overseas built, owned & run
  • overseas support
  • free 14 day trial
  • no courier integration
  • overseas hosting
  • professional reports for some plans
  • mobile responsive
  • free SSL certificate
  • 2% additional fee for choosing your own payment gateway
  • vouchers & gift cards on advanced plans only
  • Lowest full plan is US $29/month

Website World Features

  • free website builder
  • NZ built, owned & run
  • NZ support
  • free 30 day trial & extendable trial
  • courier integration on all plans
  • NZ & worldwide hosting
  • professional reports for ALL website plans
  • mobile responsive
  • free SSL certificate
  • no additional fees for choosing your own payment gateway
  • vouchers & gift cards on ALL website plans
  • Lowest full plan is NZ $25/month

New Zealand's Best ecommerce solution:


Website World or Famous Shopping Platform?

Let's specifically look now at the differences from the two columns above:

  • Website World is cheaper - NZ $25 vs Famous Shopping Platform's US $29/month for the basic full website plan
  • Website World is NZ built and operated, & offers NZ based support via phone and email: Famous Shopping Platform is built, owned and operated overseas
  • Famous Shopping Platform charges a 2% fee when using your chosen payment gateway: Website World charges no fees to use your chosen payment gateway
  • Vouchers & gift cards are only available on advanced plans on Famous Shopping Platform: Website World provides them on all plans
  • Professional reports are available on all Website World plans: Famous Shopping Platform only on costly advanced plans

Website World also offers many powerful features and integrations out of the box, verses the Famous Shopping Platform, which requires adding paid plugins for crucial features and integrations.

Which is the best NZ eCommerce solution? Website World. Start your free 30 day trial today.

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Posted: Friday 10 May 2019