Christmas SEO Tips for eCommerce Stores

Christmas SEO Tips

You've got some awesome products which would be perfect for Christmas gifts on your website. Christmas SEO is what you need to get them found and sold.

You've been busy during the year working on your SEO, aiming to increase the amount of free traffic you get from search engines.What you may have overlooked though, is Christmas SEO. This can involve specifically researching Christmas themed keywords and using them strategically around your website. It can also include creating specific Christmas resources to attract people to your website. For example, holiday gift guides, competitions and helpful Christmas themed articles, like this article on Social Media Marketing Ideas.

If you're waiting until December to do this and want to take advantage of your efforts this year, you've left it too late. Rather, it should be done around May or June, giving search engines time to index the content. There's nothing stopping you doing it now to take advantage of your efforts next Christmas though. To help you get started, we've put together a collection of SEO tips all designed to boost your website's visibility around Christmas.

6 Tips to Improve Your Website's Christmas SEO

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.

There's a big problem though: the Christmas shoppers are not visiting your website.

With many online businesses relying upon Christmas sales to help ease cashflow for slower times of the year, getting targeted traffic to their website is vital. What you can do though, is focus aspects of your website content around the theme of Christmas and we've got six tips to share with you

  1. Christmas landing pages - set up new pages specifically focused on Christmas terms you discovered in your keyword searching. Things such as Christmas gifts for new Mums, where you describe the benefits of your products which would suit these recipients. 
  2. Christmas menu navigation - in the lead up to Christmas, add a link to your Christmas landing pages within you main menu navigation.This makes it very easy to direct Christmas shoppers to the pages you want them to visit.
  3. Christmas gift guides - write up some Christmas gift guides as blogs to attract people to your site. If you make them downloadable too, you increase the value people see you offering too.
  4. Christmas categories - break your Christmas products into different categories. This allows you to use a larger range of relevant keywords, unique product descriptions and meta tags. Link to all these categories on your Christmas landing page.
  5. Promote your Christmas content - ideally you want the URLs of your pages to have lots of external links towards them. You can start doing this yourself by sharing this content on social media and in your newsletters.Take a read of the article Social Media Christmas Marketing Ideas for tips on sharing Christmas content effectively on social media.
  6. Internal links - put relevant and appropriate links to your Christmas content from pages throughout your site when appropriate.

Once Christmas has passed, remember to keep your pages live even though the amount of traffic they will receive drops. This keeps them being indexed by search engines, and ready for when people start looking for them again. Happy holidays!

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Posted: Saturday 2 November 2019