Is my content backed up?

Learn about our comprehensive backups and data restoration services.

We have a wide range of backup services that operate continuously to ensure that if you make any mistakes, you can usually undo them. 

Content Backups

When using any of our rich content editors, we make backups every time you save. You can restore the content for a single page or blog, by clicking the blue "Backups" button in the bottom right. Please note that to ensure we don't run out of space, we limit backups to the last so many saves on any day. There is no cost for this restoration available to you via the CMS.

Product Backups

We backup your product data every night. If you make a major error updating your product pricing, that affects too many products for you to unwind manually, then you can restore yesterdays pricing very easily. This is found in the "Product Bulk Updates" area. There is no cost for this restoration available to you via the CMS.

Other Data Backups

We backup your databases every day. These backups save every thing about your website. If and when you need to restore selected data, please just carefully explain what data you want restored, and also what day you want it restored from. If you want data restored to the mornings version, this is usually relatively easy, and would cost $60+gst. If you want data restored from a previous day, then we can also do that, but it takes more time and effort to spin up a database from an aged backup file. Previous days restoration usually costs $100+gst

Timed Backups

We have a magical system, that lets you pick the date that you want to restore. The precision of days is usually subject to the last 14 days, but we also keep random backups that allow us to go further back in time, up to 2 years. Long term backups are sporadic, and we cannot be so exact about the timing. 

Restore Everything or Targeted Restoration?

We are often asked to restore everything, but we do not advise that. Many real world events will have occurred during the period of time between your chosen backup file, and today. For example, customer orders, customer subscriptions etc. If you only need your products restored, then there is no reason to destroy your order history or customer data. It's easier for our system administrators to target the very precise data you want restored, that only relates to the mistake that needs to be resolved. Usually this means data restoration can be minimally destructive. Depending on the timeframe and data required, a targeted restoration would usually cost  $100+gst, but sometimes cheaper if the right data is available from the morning. 

Offline Backups

We have multiple backups approaches, with data stored in multiple secure locations. Just in case one of our backup processes fail, we have multiple redundant backup processes in place. Data is stored in multiple locations. We also have offline backups, so that even the most capable determined hacker cannot destory what they cannot access via the internet, they would also need physical access to destroy the offline copies.  

Email Backups

We backup all emails that are stored in your mailboxes overnight. Sometimes our customers hope that we store every email that goes through our system, but that is not so. It depends on the configuration of your own mail software. Some customers clear their mailbox every day, and others keep all their mail in their mailbox online. Our backups are designed for those who use our mail servers to store all their mail. We can restore to a daily position for up to 2 weeks. We can restore up to a weekly position for longer periods.  When we restore mailboxes, we can put all your old mail back where it was, but we do not delete any new email.. The restoration system allows the restored emails to blend with the new emails easily enough. 

Making Your Own Backups

All your website data is available for download via CSV files. You might like to do this from time to time to ensure you have your website data stored on your own computer. CSV files include all customer data, product data, order data etc. You can use spreadsheet software to open your backup files and run reports on the data as you like. If you want access to your website files, like photos, then you should use FTP software to download your files and make backups. Take care with FTP not to delete anything on the server that you do not understand. Just copy what you need. 

Way Back Machine

Have you ever heard of this amazing online resource? The Internet archive attempts to keep a copy of all websites that have ever existed in their archive, including changes on selected archive dates. It is potentially possible to retrieve your website from this archive, even if you did not previously host your website with us.

Posted: Wednesday 17 August 2022