Hosting Pricing Changes - April 2023

Due to inflationary pressures, we unfortunately need to make adjustments to our hosting plans.

Most plans will remain the same price. However, we are reducing some of the usage allowances of each plan.

This approach will mean no change in pricing for the majority of our customers who operate well under the limits of each plan

Changes to plans will take effect in April 2023.

You will have up until the end of April to change to a better hosting plan to avoid any excess fees that will be calculated on the last day of April. 

Changes to annual plans will reflect the same limits. If you are not yet on an annual plan, the pricing is typically based on 11 months + 1 month free.

Summary of Hosting Plan Changes

  • Starter SSL plan ($25+gst per month)
    • 3 mailboxes (plus $5 per additional mailbox) 
    • 100 products or directory listings
    • 10 ecommerce transactions per month ( plus 50c per additional )
    • 250 bulk emails per month
    • 50 reviews/comments/forums per month
  • Starter+ SSL plan ($30+gst per month)
    • 3 mailboxes (plus $5 per additional mailbox) 
    • 200 products or directory listings
    • 30 ecommerce transactions per month ( plus 50c per additional )
    • 500 bulk emails per month
    • 60 reviews/comments/forums per month
  • Business SSL plan ($40+gst per month) 
    • 6 mailboxes (plus $5 per additional mailbox)
    • 1000 products or directory listings
    • 100 ecommerce transactions per month (plus 25c per additional )
    • 1500 bulk emails per month
    • 100 reviews/comments/forums per month
  • Success SSL plan ($60+gst per month)
    • 9 mailboxes (plus $5 per additional mailbox) 
    • 3000 products
    • 7500 directory listings
    • 300 ecommerce transactions per month (plus 20c per additional )
    • 3000 bulk emails per month
    • 300 reviews/comments/forums per month
  • Awesome A SSL Plan ($80+gst per month)
    • 12 mailboxes (plus $5 per additional mailbox) 
    • 6000 products
    • 15000 directory listings
    • 500 ecommerce transactions per month (plus 18c per additional )
    • 5000 bulk emails per month
    • 500 reviews/comments/forums per month
  • Awesome B SSL Plan ($100+gst per month)
    • 15 mailboxes (plus $5 per additional mailbox) 
    • 10000 products
    • 50000 directory listings
    • 800 ecommerce transactions per month (plus 15c per additional )
    • 8000 bulk emails per month
    • 800 reviews/comments/forums per month
  • Awesome C SSL Plan ($125+gst per month)
    • 20 mailboxes (plus $5 per additional mailbox) 
    • 100000 products 
    • 1000 ecommerce transactions per month (plus 12c per additional )
    • 12500 bulk emails per month
    • 1000 reviews/comments/forums per month

Our plans are designed to offer a resonable amount of business use. Our expectation is that our hosting costs will be less than 2% of your business turnover. Please contact us to arrange special rates if you expect your hosting fees to exceed 2% of your business turnover. 

There are some mid level hosting plans in between the above pricing levels, and their allowances will be adjusted in proportion to the above plans.

Higher usage plans are available. If your usage is higher than these plans, then please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we can tailor a plan for you. 

Product counts include variants / SKU. There are options to have sizing/styles without variants for no additional cost. But if your sizes/styles are saved as variants, with unique pricing and stock level management available, then these do contribute towards your product count.

Many other allowances such as traffic and filespace will remain unchanged.

If you are inside our CMS, and looking at the plans, you will still see the old limits. On the 3rd of April, we will apply the new limits to the system, and then you will see a more accurate plan usage summary inside the CMS accounts area.

Posted: Thursday 16 March 2023