Mailbox Size Limits - Excess Space Fees

Is your mailbox slow to load? This might be because you have too much email in your mailbox. Please read more to learn about new pricing around oversized mailboxes. 

Why have mailbox limits? 

  • Mailboxes work fastest when they are under 1GB in size. That equates to about 20,000 typical emails. Having less than 1GB of email will ensure you can check for new emails more quickly. 
  • Checking via webmail works best with less that 1,000 emails per folder. The more emails, the longer it takes to open. It can be impossible to open webmail if you have too many emails. Email can be put in folders using IMAP protocol to check your mail.
  • Typically people have their email downloaded to their computer, or third party service like google. You don't need to leave a copy of all messages on our server. But often, people tick the box unintentionally thinking it's a good idea. 
  • We provide a comprehensive backup facility of your mailboxes. The more mail in your mailbox, the more space we require for backups. 

How to remove emails from our servers

  • If you are using IMAP, please create folders on your own computer, and not as sub folders of the inbox. Subfolders of the inbox are for emails you want to keep available across a range of devices. Move old email from the inbox into your device folders. 
  • Untick the box in your mailbox settings to "leave messages on the server", but only do this on your primary device and you have your own backups in place. 
  • If you are forwarding mail to gmail, or poping mail from gmail, then you can tick to delete messages off our server.  

New Pricing For Large Mailboxes

90% of our customers do not have oversized mailboxes. Our mailboxes are sufficient for storing about 20,000 ordinary emails. 

We will be adding excess fees for users with oversized mailboxes. This will be priced at $5 per GB. So you can either pay for the additional storage requirements or make changes to your mailboxes to avoid the fee. 

Alternative Mail Providers

You can avoid our mailbox fees by purchasing a mailbox service from a dedicated mail service provider like one of the following. Dedicated mail service providers provide larger mailboxes because they use server software especially designed for corporate mailbox environments. 

  • GoogleSuite
  • Office365

Migrating Mail To New Providers

Typically you can migrate your mail to a new provider, by entering your POP mailbox settings into the new providers interface, and waiting for all the mail to download. You can even do this on a free GMAIL account, which is a reasonable solution. 

A free GMAIL account can send/receive from our mailboxes, using your domain email address as sender. You do not need to leave email on our servers. All your email will be downloaded to GMAIL and remain permanently available on GMAIL. 

Please contact an IT service provider to help you migrate your mail to your new provider. 

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Posted: Tuesday 14 May 2019