Thunderbird Email Client Issues

Anyone having trouble logging into email via Thunderbird? The issue is that Thunderbird defaults to using your domain name as the SMTP and IMAP server. And that usually works, when TLS is not enabled. When you set it up your thunderbird email client, you may have ticked some box to ignore or accept a SSL security breach (or not).When we recently changed our SSL certs, this has highlighted the mis configuration issue for some thunderbird users. We can confirm that we have valid SSL certs, and that our email service is functioning normally.

However, you still want your email to work right?

Please change your outgoing mail server to ""

And incoming mail server to "".


  1. right click on your email account top left, click Settings
  2. click server settings
  3. edit servername:
  4. click Outgoing Server (SMTP) from bottom left
  5. choose the one to edit. 
  6. click edit
  7. edit servername:

If that doesn't work for you, just try disabling the connection security to NONE.

If you want fuller instructions, please login into our CMS, click domains, then mail, then your mailbox, where you will find your username/password, and other setup instructions.

If you need deeper help with configuring your email client, you may need to obtain the services of an independent IT technician who can come to your office and fix your computer.

Or you may wish to google/youtube and find an appropriate video on "how to manually configure your email account in Thunderbird". But there will be different videos for different versions of the software.

Good luck with this! If you are in a hurry to check your email, you can also go to our webmail page,

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Posted: Friday 2 March 2018