No Free DNS service

DNS is a service that connects domain names with the right email / website service. It is more recently used to reduce spam.

DNS is a very important service that is queried every-time someone visits your website, and every-time someone sends you an email, or receives an email from you.

For busy websites and businesses, this means our DNS servers are being queried many thousands of times a day. It is a very crucial service that ensures your website/email continues to operate.

A DNS service is required even if you have a website hosted elsewhere, or email provided by Office365 or Google. 

For free you can point your domain name to a different DNS service. However, if you want to use our DNS service, you will need to pay for it. 

The annual fee for DNS hosting is only $35+gst per year. 
You can login to our CMS, and change to a DNS only hosting plan, then pay the fee specified to go live. 
Note, the DNS hosting fee is per account, and not per domain. So you can have several domains sitting in the same account, and pay only 1 DNS fee. 
Discounted Domain Renewal Pricing
Once you have changed to our new DNS hosting plan, you will receive discounted domain name renewal rates. Currently you will be paying the full RRP price of domains at about NZ$29+gst. After you change to the paid DNS hosting plan, then you will only pay NZ$19+gst per year. If you have more than 4 domains, then you will actually end up paying less than you do now. 
Free Parking
If you wish your domain to be free parked, with no email service or no web hosting, then you can do nothing. Your domains will remain free parked. 
Transfer Domain Away
If you wish to transfer your domains to another registry, you are most welcome to do that. Please login and request a new UDAI, or authorization code. Your new registry will provide you with more guidance on what exactly to do next 
Transfer DNS Away
If your current web host offers you DNS services, then you can use their DNS service. Please login in to our control panel, and update your authoritative name-servers to your new DNS provider. That option is free for you to do, but support fee will apply if you need our consultants to manage that for you. You can change your authoriative DNS on the DNS tab of your domain name in our control panel. 
Why do we charge for DNS? 
We try to keep our domain registry fees as low as possible. Therefore, we do not have enough margin to provide DNS services and support to customers who choose to host their websites elsewhere. 
Often domain registrants contact us and want our technical support team to diagnose their DNS faults. With the addition of SPF records and DKIM records, the support time for DNS has rissen. This sort of support requires experienced staff, who need to be paid a living wage.  
If our DNS services were to stop working at any time due to a technical fault, this would affect your website/email. We have to keep our DNS services working super fast, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without fault. That requires dedicated resources.  
We are also in the business of selling websites. Our competitors often discount their prices, but provide poor support, and don't provide .nz domain registry services. We are then left in the position to support our competitors services, by helping you make some other website live. We are happy to support you using third party website building services, however we need to recoup our costs. The DNS fee covers that cost.
Several other domain registries now charge for DNS services, so if you don't want to pay for our DNS services, please consider the total price of renewal fees plus DNS fees when transferring to a new registry.
Other Hosting Plan Options
We can also host your DNS and EMail for only $70+gst per year. 
Or we can host your Wordpress website, with SSL certificate, and email for only $250+gst per year. 
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Posted: Thursday 26 October 2017