Testing new international web server nodes

Testing new international web server nodes

We are currently implementing tests of new web server nodes in several locations around the world.

Previously we supported Auckland, Sydney, Ireland and California.

We are now extending this to include Virginia, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, and San Paulo. 

The average speed of downloading a website located in your own country or state, is often under 100ms. (Tenth of a second)

Whereas, the average speed of downloading a website from another continent, is about 500ms. (Half a second)

Essentially, we can speed up the download time of a website by 5x, by merely locating an additional webserver node in more countries.

At the same time, we also improve the reliability of our system as traffic can automatically reroute less far when the closest server is too busy. 

It's these little things we do that make website builder super awesome. Most users won't even notice, but your customers in far flung places will.

Whereas, if you host your website with a typical opensource PHP hosting platform, it is extremely likely that your website is only hosted in 1 location in the world.. Therefore, if you have an international audience, they will be getting far slower speeds. You might not notice, but your customers will. 

Please let us know if you have experienced any increase in traffic from a particular continent after we make these changes. It is likely that your website will rank better in those countries where we provide webserver nodes. 

Posted: Wednesday 27 May 2015


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