Freelance Designer or Programmer Wanted

We are looking for a freelance web designer or programmer who wants free rent, and some stable income from 2-3 hours work per day. We can provide you with a constant stream of new customers.

You will earn a reasonable contract rate for the 2-3 hours a day that you are rostered on our support desk. If you see an opportunity to use your design or programming skills to help our customers, you can tout your own services during those calls, and you can invoice those customers direct keeping 100% of the profit.  

Our office is a team of independent designers, and we all operate the same way. 2 hours on support to answer emails and phone calls. The team also use this time to upskill in the best use of our CMS, and perhaps add a few help files to our FAQ. 

This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to quit their day job, with some income security , while setting up their own web design or development business.

If you are interested, then contact us below. 

Posted: Monday 5 May 2014


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