Urgency has many faces

Many customers believe their issue is urgent but should they really use our URGENT priority when raising support tickets?

URGENT tickets mean emergency tickets. Selecting this option causes SMS messages to be sent to key personel, and requests that they drop everything and respond to the emergency situation. Some customers might think this a great way of getting good service, but really it is the same as jumping the queue at the supermarket.

We think these are urgent

  • outages on a live website
  • outages of the CMS
  • outages of webmail
  • outages of email
  • significant bugs in the shopping cart that is preventing business activity.
  • other significant bugs that are stopping business activity.

We don't think these items are urgent

  • accounts queries
  • design questions
  • content layout issues
  • template layout issues
  • even if you make a mistake that stuffs up just your website, that is not really an urgent ticket. it would be a high priority ticket. 

When you lodge a urgent ticket consider this

  • You are trying to jump the queue of other customers wanting support
  • You are potentially disturbing a team member who is a parent reading their child a good night story
  • You are potentially taking a team member away from a romantic dinner with their partner
  • We don't know if your ticket is urgent until we have already dropped everything to consider it. It hurts us emotiallly when misused.

Please consider both our staff and other customers when you lodge an urgent support ticket. Play fair!


Posted: Wednesday 9 April 2014


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