Please say good bye to cheques

99% of our customers pay by online banking or credit card, and automation of these payment methods make administration much easier. Making administration easier passes on savings to our customers. Many online businesses do not accept cheques at all.

We have decided to pass on a user pays policy for cheques. All payments by cheque will now incur a $2 administration fee. In reality, we have estimated that it costs us about $5 per cheque, and once we have given the existing cheque paying customers the opportunity to make changes to their payment method, we will increase the cheque admin fee to the actual cost we incur in processing the cheques. 

We would like to encourage cheque payers to investigate alternative methods of payment, or make changes which are time efficient. 

Option A - Keep paying by cheque, and change to an annual hosting plan. 

If you change to an annual hosting plan, you only need to make 1 payment per year. If you also include a bit extra for the domain renewal, you will save even more. Annual hosting plans also include a discount.

Option B - Change your payment method to online banking. 

We realise alot of charities and clubs pay by cheque because thats how they pay all their bills with 2 signatories when they have their monthly/weekly meetings. An alternative suggestion is one signatory (the treasurer) logs in any initiates the online banking payment. Then the other signatory can login at their leisure from any other computer, and complete the online payment. You might like to do this for all your club bills.

Option C - Present your own cheque or cash at Kiwibank

You are welcome to present your own cheque/cash at kiwibank, and no fees will be charged by us. Please ensure they enter your domain name and/or customer UID as a reference.

Option D - Do nothing and pay cheque fees

Just pay the cheque fee monthly if you prefer. Failure to pay the cheque fee will still incur the fee when we process the cheque, and you can make up for it next month. 


Cash is the same thing as a cheque. The admin fee is charged by us to present your cheque or cash at Kiwibank, whereas you can do this yourself for free. It would be faster for you, the bank teller and us, if you just pay by online banking though. 

Posted: Friday 4 April 2014


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