POS - Point of Sale Service and Improved Stock Control

We have listened to our customers, and we are now focusing the new years development on a simple POS system, and improved stock control in the back end of our CMS.

Our POS service will be great for those businesses who primarily sell online, but also take occassional phone orders or make sales from their show room, or market, or single depot outlet. 

All your orders and inventory can be managed via one back end system inside our CMS. 

The Beta POS service is simply just a more efficient way to checkout on your existing shopping cart, with optional freight, and optional cash/eftpos payment methods. 

For those who attend markets, you will be able to use your phone or internet connected tablet to quickly post orders of "limited stock" into our back end, so that web orders don't purchase the same stock you just sold. 

The benefit of capturing customer data at all points of sale ensure that you can maintain a single customer database and send newsletters etc. 

We will provide improved reporting for reconciling payment method totals on a daily basis, so you can check nothing is missing from the till. 

This is very much a work in progress, but for those who are in a hurry, you can trial the service now clicking the "beta POS" within the CMS. 

There is no fee for using the POS system, excepting that you must be on a live hosting plan, and that you may need to increase your hosting plan if you make alot of sales via POS and website combined. 

Posted: Saturday 1 February 2014


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