International Web Hosting Speed Increase (Free CDN Service)

We will shortly be replacing our international web hosting (mirroring) options with a powerful CDN (Content Distribution Network) service, that will give your website the fastest delivery speeds worldwide automatically, for free! 

Depending on the location of the website viewer, a CDN serves the content from the server closest to the viewer, rather than depending on the viewer selecting the best mirrored domain. 

Normally you would need to pay about $40-$50 a month for a CDN service (on top of your web hosting), however, we plan to give all our customers the benefit of this CDN service absolutely free. 

Improved Uptime

This CDN network will also provide more robustness to your website uptime, providing access to cached versions of the website in the case of any outages. Outages occur on the internet all the time, and it is not always the case that a server is down, merely a path to a server might be congested. 

What about SEO?

For the purposes of geographical SEO, your domain suffix and content are the most important aspect of your SEO strategy.

If you are really wanting to target a specific geographical region, then you need to purchase the correct domain name, and create a 2nd website with content targeted for that region.

The cheaper option is just to target certain pages of your existing website to particular region keywords, but that may not produce the best result possible. 

What if I already use your mirroring service?

All your domains will automatically be switched to our CDN service. You can choose to discontinue any domains you no longer require. Remember, no matter what the domain a user connects to, they will automatically get the fastest possible service, no matter if they live in NZ, Australia, Africa, China, USA or UK. (and many more locations too)

When is it happening? 

We hope to impliment this before our next newsletter. We will announce the go live in our next newsletter.

Posted: Monday 10 February 2014


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