Some cool options for the shopping carts

We have added quite a lot of new logic for the shopping cart, so i thought now is a good time to review some of the changes, and how they could help you. 

1 - In the shopping setup currencies and tax area, you can select the "price input mode" which allows you to enter your prices as GST inclusive amount. You can also control the rounding, as $12 is hard to "lock in" due to the fact we store the GST excl amount in the database. You might like to play with those settings to help you. 

2 - Heaps of new promo and discount rules available now, including free freight, minimum quantities, relevant groups/products, etc. All discount pricing is always based on the RRP price, and not the member price. If you want to give members a better discount than they get on their "member pricing groups" then you need to base the discount on the RRP.

3 - Product variation pricing allows you to offer product options with different codes, prices and stock. These variations do count as extra products when selecting your hosting plan. If you want to have a photo for your variation, let us encourage you to not use variation pricing and instead create a category for your "product line", and use ordinary product records for your "options". 

4 - There are now a few different ways to view your shopping cart, and what happens when you click BUY. Sometimes they popup, sometimes it goes to a new cart page, and sometimes it just updates the new "Narrow Cart" on page. Your choice is controllable depending on what you put into your design template, and on what options you choose in the shopping cart setup area. 

5 - There are lots of different layouts for shopping carts, including large photo galleries, or more text intensive options. There are also lots of different layouts for the product pages themselves. 

6 - Some great new reports to monitor your sales by month and year by category or top products, and click through to the actual orders or members who ordered. 

Posted: Wednesday 4 December 2013


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