3 Computer Screens from a Notebook With Fewer Wires

I just solved my home office solution.

I now run 3 screens off a notebook, and the notebook only has 2 wires connected.

1 wire for the notebook power, the other wire from notebook to a generic "dock".

I get 2 standard 24 inch high resolution screens, plus my notebook screen on extended display. So muych screen realestate. 

When i have to go out, i only need unplug the 2 wires and i'm off with my notebook.

The sound, mouse, keyboard, internet etc is all plugged into the dock. Extra hardrives etc can be plugged into the dock. The dock is superfast with USB3 ports and super quiet and elegantly small. 

I think the only pain i had with this device was downloading a new driver for windows 8, and that i need to disconnect the dock wire from the notebook if i want to put the notebook to sleep (otherwise it wakes up, sure i will crack that issue soon, but disconnecting 1 wire is pretty easy)

I bought mine for $230 from PB Tech, but you can get them from almost anywhere. I got a Toshiba one that works with all notebooks... 

Posted: Wednesday 13 November 2013


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