Login nightmares

Just setting up my more recent edition iPad, and I've had a few realisations. I realise we may suffer from some of these issues ourselves, but consider this blog as thoughts for our future improvements.. 

1) Its amazing how many times I need to login with my apple ID. The addition of the single Apple ID across apple apps, and third parties alike, is a great start, but why do I have to login to each... Surely apple could accept that I have already logged into my device and automatically connect me to the features I want without delay.

2) The various google apps also suffer from the same issue. I guess this means bad OS design that every application has to carry its own security layer.. I notice that the iPad never really considered the multiple user paradigm, and I guess apple wants to sell more devices... It would be great if the device has a single OS security layer that would send some sort of "authorisation code" and "public psudonym" into each application, allowing me to play games etc without needing to register and login... The authorisation code could be trusted by the software developers to know that person A is the same on all their IOS devices... And if the app provider had multiple apps like google, then logging into 1 google app would automatically log you in to all google apps across all your devices based on that unique authorisation code... (similar to cookies)

3) I thought my old iPad had been backed up to the cloud, but hadn't. A number of services/settings had synced automatically based on my apple ID, but not many... I think it would be relatively easy for apple to provide a settings sync, including my email/contacts/notes accounts settings, my display preferences etc...

4) I keep seeing this advert on tv saying "now when I install an app on one device it's automatically added to the other".. Well that's not quite right, in fact I've never really understood this claim. There is an area in the app store where I can install apps I previously purchased but it's a long list of all apps I tried and never liked... Be great if there was a short list of currently installed apps and 1 button to "install and update all apps"...

Other than this login/install nightmare that is true of most desktops/devices, it is still a great pleasure using my new iPad and any apple device. I look forward to the next generation iPhone/iPad to see if they simplify the setup/config of a new device to the simplicity of a simple login that will automatically remember my language, time, region settings along with all my favourite apps, that will be ready waiting for me to use, a truly global login system.

Posted: Saturday 1 September 2012


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