Unlimited traffic, or quality traffic

We often note that some other web hosting providers offer unlimited website traffic, or traffic plans which are too good to believe. Why?

The difference is speed or location.

  • If another provider hosts your website off shore, then they can get better value traffic plans, and thus offer better prices. However, your website will not rank as well on google.co.nz, which promotes NZ hosted websites higher. The speed of download of your website for NZ users may also be slighly slower than what you might achieve in NZ.
  • If the other provider hosts from NZ, and still offers unlimited traffic, then it is likely that the speed of their international connection is limited. This means that your website is very fast in NZ, but when international users look at your website, they may all be sharing a pipe the size of a typical home broadband connection. International users are used to higher speed access, and will quickly become dissatisfied viewing your website, and go elsewhere.
Please note the importance of the following
  • Download speed of NZ websites from NZ is faster than when someone from the UK downloads the same NZ website. Typically they get similar speeds to when you might surf a UK based website. The internet might seem magical and fast, but at the end of the day, your website needs to flow along wires, and this can introduce a second or 2 delay on every click. 
  • Hosting the country of your target audience is most important for higher google search ranking in that target country. This is why when we search for "Car Rental" we find local car rental companies, and not car rental companies from all over the world. Google is smart enough to determine which websites are more local or relevant based on the client request and the server location.
Be assured that we provide fullspeed international bandwidth, and can offer local hosting in 4 different countries, including NZ, Australia, UK and USA.

Posted: Monday 12 September 2011


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