Samoa Team Conference and Oxfam Project

We recently returned from our team building conference to Samoa involving viewing the work of an Oxfam project we are helping with.

Samoa is a truly beautiful island, however parts were severly damaged via the tsunami last year. In affected villages many people have moved further inland. Some farmers live in basic conditions.

The Oxfam Women In Business project is helping farmers by co-ordinating space at the city markets, certifying organic farmers, and helping find customers offshore. Using fair trade and organics as a way to help those in need will ensure they can sustain themselves in the future without relying on charity. 

It was great to spend a few days viewing their project sites, meet some of their farmers, and see their work in action. We also look forward to helping them with their own website in the near future.

The time away from the office also gave us a great chance to consider company direction, and consider the most important places for product and service improvement. We hope you will appreciate our new efforts in the months ahead.

BTW, definitely encourage anyone to visit Samoa. It is a very beautiful and easy island to navigate. Despite last years tsunami, the majority of tourist locations are functioning normally, and they look forward to your visit. 

Posted: Wednesday 25 May 2011


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