Hi, I'm calling from Microsoft Technical Support

Has anyone got any of these calls?

I've received a few in the last month. It's getting a little tiresome. How do they even know my home number? It's not published anywhere... 

Why is the phone quality so bad? Well I assume they are calling from outisde NZ, and using a very cheap/free VOIP phone service.

Do I really want to give access to my computer to a random stranger? NO!!! If you think your computer needs a once over, then you contact the appropriate parties. I can suggest www.needanerd.co.nz or www.geeksonwheels.co.nz. If you are initiating the process, then you know who you are dealing with. The same should go for charities. Don't give your credit card numbers out to people who call you... If you make the call, then you can trust the medium by which you obtained a contact phone number. However, if someone calls you, you cannot trust they are who they say they are..

So they find some errors on your computer? oh you can always find errors on a computer. Logs are full of errors where hardware conflicts, or something timesout, etc. Do not be worried. If your computer starts running slowely, or you can't open web pages that normally work, then you should contact an IT technition to help you. However if someone rings up and points out some errors, then just hang up on them. Microsoft just does not provide that level or support!

If you do have time, and want to have some fun, just egg them along. Keep them on the phone so they don't bug someone else. Pretend you are doing what they want, but don't do it. Act confused, run them around in circles. Ask them silly questions. Whatever takes your fancy.

Say no to hackers!

Posted: Thursday 23 June 2011


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