Review of a Toyota Prius, my new company car

Review of a Toyota Prius, my new company car

I've had my new Toyota Prius for just a few days, here's what i think of it.

Overall: Fantastic!

The fuel consumption is exactly as advertised, very very low. Without making any great effort to drive economically, I averaged 4.5litres per 100km. That's about half the consumption of an average car, and a third of a SUV.

The car drives very well, with a 1.8 litre engine combined with the electric motor, give plently of power when over taking and driving up hill. 

The HiTech option has lots of value added features including integrated GPS, bluetooth hands free kit for my phone, power and audio input for my ipod, automatic head lights, automatic window wipers, heads up display speedo, lots of lights and lots of buttons. 

I haven't blown a tyre yet, however i was interested to see that i don't have spare, and instead have a emergency repair kit that temporarily repairs a puncture, and reinflates the tyre. The aim of this is to decrease the overall weight of the car, and I hope that it also saves some time if I do get a puncture.. 

The keyless entry is fun. I leave my keys in my pocket, and when i get near my car, it automatically unlocks. I just hop in and press the GO button. No keys! However, I have to rememer to lock it. I would have hoped the car might lock itself if it was turned off and hadn't seen me for a few minutes.

The sound system is a little bit tinny, but very crisp. One feature it lacks is a USB dock for my ipod. So if i want to change the song playing I need to manually work the iPod which is plugged into a compartment beside my hip, not a great position for accessing when driving.

The array of lights and engine feedback information is so interesting, I sometimes want to take my eyes of the road. I would prefer if they positioned the dashboard directly in front of the driver, and not in the middle of the car. 

All in all, this is an amazing machine. And I'm looking forward to less time and money spent filling up at the garage.

Posted: Monday 20 June 2011


  • Great write up and wise investment.
    I invested in a Green Cab franchise here in christhurch. They are great to drive, very economical, my clients love them and we can pass on cheaper fares....I have leather seats as well, adding a luxurius feel and experience!!! Go Green...
    Posted: 2011-07-13 15:43   by green cabby
  • Good on you!

    Good job of
    promoting a planet
    saving initiative
    Posted: 2011-06-21 09:18   by Martin Fuller