Must Have Software

Once i had turned on my new computer, i needed to install all my favourite applications. This used to be aweful task. Now it is so much easier because of a great website called, where you can quickly select all the common applications you want on your computer, plus several that you didn't know about, but really you should check them out. 

The most fantastic thing about ninite, is that it downloads a very small executable file, which you can run, and then it slowely and quietly installs all your chosen applications in the background without any dialogue boxes! That's right, no more installation wizards and system restarts... Well depending on what you install, you might need to do one restart at the end.

I can really encourage use of following software on any new computer

  • Chrome - web browser
  • Skype - voip
  • iTunes - music
  • QuickTime - movie player
  • Flash - movie player
  • Java - other applications often need this
  • .Net - other applications often need this
  • GIMP - powerful free photoshop software
  • Infranview  - easy free photoshop software
  • OpenOffice - free office suite of applications like Word/Excell
  • AVG or Avast - for virus checking
  • DropBox - for sharing files between trusted computers
  • GoogleEarth - just for fun
  • FileZilla - FTP large numbers of photos on to your website, or back up your website

Install all of that software quickly and easily at 

Posted: Monday 30 May 2011


  • Reuben,
    My experience is
    that Avast is so
    much better that
    AVG. This
    especially applies
    to the website
    Posted: 2011-06-14 18:15   by Martin Fuller