Social Media - Events Management

social media = low carbon footprint = auto integration to peoples calendars

People are using social media and personal calendars and smart phones to manage their lives, and yet most event/meeting management is still being done via "manual email". I continuosly #fail at this myself, so this blog is a reminder to us all to up our game.

First consider how many social media portals have events systems, for groups and organisations we like/follow, we can be informed of "upcoming events" or interest. The hit rate of an event getting noticed via social media might be higher than buried in a newsletter.

We then add the events we like to our calendar, this might be at the click of a single button from an integrated iphone app, or via an RSVP button. Nothing worst than copy/pasting 10 fields from an email to a calendar form... Make life easy for our attendees. Even if using a newsletter, consider including a link to the facebook event page.

Or if it is a closed meeting, we might be best to invite everyone and finalise a date and time via our calendar "Guest invites" with guests can "modify event". That is a ism, but other calendar software has similar options.

Using a web based calendar with a sync to your smart phone will keep you up to date. Remembering to put the correct physical address in the "Location Address" will ensure integration with maps/GPS automatically. Perhaps in the near future calendars will even talk to our car and drive us there..


Posted: Wednesday 13 April 2011


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