Too many voucher websites?

So trademe has launched treatme amongst a plethora of other "voucher" and "one day deal" websites, so what do i think about it?

There are just so many voucher websites around now, invading your inbox, facebook walls and tweet timelines. it's basically spam that we opt into, but there are some good deals to be had.

So many have been launched, that you can basically guarantee the following

  • Lauch day will have a superior deal, probably something like a pizza, burger, ipad, etc for $1
  • There will be limited availability, eg 20000 burgers... so they will probably sell out quickly
  • That will encourage many to join, but over time the deals might get a little less interesting...
  • Eventually users will unsubscribe
  • But whenever you see a "promotional code" box on a website, you might consider doing a quick search to see if there are still any vouchers available.

Should I use a voucher site to promote a business or service....?

Maybe, depends on the industry... Question, how much of a loss leader is it? Do you think you will establish brand loyalty in one visit from the customer?

Any Comments Re TreatMe?

I think they have a few useability issues to iron out... e.g. promoting vouchers where you follow the URL to a supplier website, and there is no box for the voucher number, and you need to read through pages of comments before you find the "special URL" that was not recorded in the voucher email or thank you page...

But looking forward to my $1 burger fuel burger tonight... glad i woke up early on launch day...

Where to now?

I think the obvious problem with most of these voucher sites, is they are not taking the time to learn about their customers. if they did, they would have better metrics to sell to the advertisers, and would not waste your time with useless offers.

  • Where do i live and work exactly, which suburb? Is it worth offering coffee deals 10km away.
  • What sex am i? do i really want a manicure?
  • Do i have kids? do i really want a family pass to the zoo?
  • How old am I?
  • Am in in business, eg a business to business voucher site might be an idea?

More targeted vouchers would help both consumer and adveriser make the connections they want.


Posted: Tuesday 29 March 2011


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