Triple screen desktops - Increasing productivity and staff morale

Triple screen desktops - Increasing productivity and staff morale

Do you ever find that your computer screen is too small, and you are constantly tabbing through all your windows looking for what you need? Well there is an easier way..

Many people who visit our offices have been inspired by the multiple screens we run on our desks. You can do that too, most computers automatically support 2 screens, including notebook computers. And a new screen can cost as little as $200. Imagine increasing your staff productivity for a mere $2 per week over 2 years...

After plugging in your new screen, it may display the same image on both screens. Just right click on your desktop screen to get the "properties" or "screen resolution", then select the "extend by desktop" option.

If your desktop computer does not physically have the ports to plug in an extra screen, then you will need to buy a graphics card with dual ports also (Approx $100+). If you spend $300 plus, you might get a leading edge graphics card with additional Display Port. A display port adapter will then allow you to run a 3rd desktop screen.

See a photo of my new desktop configuration above and that's a team building application on screen... :-)

Posted: Thursday 18 November 2010


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