Now 10 years old

Well the concept behind Web Widgets website builder is now 10 years old.

About 10 and a half years ago, i built a website called (sold) which was primarily intended as an online business directory for Hamilton. Each business could have a contact page, events, news and a general information page. Seemed the only thing that was missing was a unique web address for each business.

I then realised i had the beginnings of some kind of online tool to "create and update websites", focusing on the future development of more tools that would make great websites, I brainstormed and came up with the name "Web Widgets" and purchased our first domain name,, which is our international focused website. (Whois record created on Aug 31, 2000)

It took a few years of having a day job to build up a good customer base, and now we have helped build over 2300 websites. Our company name was registered in 2002, which officially makes the company 8 years old, but as a programmer, I focus on the age of the original idea or the start of the program code. Our customers can be safe in knowing that our code base has been well tested by so many customers for so many years.

In recent years we aquired several new domain names, and focussed our primarily NZ business on the name, which has much better search engine appeal.

We still have several customers from 10 years ago, and we would like to thank them by including links to their websites here:

Our original logo from 2000-2004, designed by Nicola.

Below are some old characters Albie came up with to direct you around our website

A really old screen shot from 2000

Albies first upgrade to our look and feel circa 2004

Posted: Thursday 14 October 2010


  • Well done Reuben and
    Albie x
    Posted: 2010-11-10 17:40