Who is Web Widgets CMS best for?

Not all content management systems (CMS) are created equally or priced equally.  Here you will find the types of businesses and users we can help the most with Web Widgets CMS.

Business Suitability and Customisation Suggestions 

  • Gift Industry + Books, Magazines, CDs - The businesses who utilise our CMS and Ecommerce features the most are manufacturers and retailers of the gift industry. Businesses who sell small gifts or items that have a low ticket price (eg under $100 each) are perfect for the Web Widgets Ecommerce shopping cart option. Keep photos and prices of new stock lines up to date easily and in real time. The checkout process can be customised to include additional questions like "gift message".
  • Clothing / Jewellery - Keep photos and prices of new stock lines up to date easily and in real time. (Add a shopping cart)
  • Health Products / Food - Keep photos and prices of new stock lines up to date easily and in real time. (Add a shopping cart)
  • Furniture / Cars / Real Estate / Machinery (eg Large Ticket Items ) - Shops which sell expensive goods will typically use their websites to inform and entice their customers. A shopping cart is not really appropriate for items over $100. We have shopping pages and galleries with enquiry forms and these are provided as part of the standard hosting price. (Ecommerce not required)
  • Artists / Photographers - Display your art works in easy to navigate categorised galleries. Optionally allow users to purchase your art/photography online with multiple print formats.
  • Car Rental - We have a special widget designed just for the car rental industry. Define a matrix of pricing per car type and date range, and the system will automatically quote the customer the best rate for the two closest car types.
  • Schools and Educational Institutions - Easily update educational material with photos and attachments. Easily attach files like PDF or Excel or Word for students to download. Provide discussion forums as members-only areas so students can discuss issues or participate on group projects.
  • Clubs and Societies - Maintain events pages, news pages, photo galleries of recent events, sports results. Have members-only discussion forums. 
  • Consultancy and Professional Businesses - Our content management systems make it easy for you to update your own content, provide your customers with timely information, update your about us page as staff turnover, share files or PDF/Word/Excel resources with your customers/colleagues. Detailed enquiry/quote forms help you collect the right information from your customers when they ask questions. Secure confidential information behind a members- only password. Our graphic designer will create a professional look and feel for your business recognising the importance of your corporate image.
  • Customised Web Solutions - We have experience developing other customised database solutions for customers who need to provide a very unique or specific service to their customers. 



User Competency Level 

  • Our content management system suits ordinary people who have a low - medium web competency...eg If you can use any web based email like Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail, then we are for you.
  • We also suit graphic designers who want to provide their customers with content management or ecommerce facilities, but do not have the competency to provide this functionality themselves. You can provide your designs to us in pure graphical formats if you like.

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