Website Migration Service (Copy Website)

FREE migration of your website, from any platform, to our awesome website builder and eCommerce platform at Website World. Previously a service like this might have cost over $500. We have added powerful website scraping tools that can import all your existing pages to create an almost perfect replica. 

Your new website will have:

  • The same URLs to all pages, blog pages, products and categories (Natural URLs only). 
  • The same sitemap and structure and content (pages, blogs, categories and products)
  • The exact original website design, or a brand new mobile responsive template. You choose!
  • SEO Meta tags, meta titles, keywords, and description remain intact. All else remaining equal, your SEO rank on each page should be maintained after migration.

The Migration Process

  • First we import the home page, and all pages linked from the home page. 
  • All content is separated from the template. Multiple templates are identified if required. 
  • You can choose to dispose of your existing template(s) if required, and choose one of our mobile responsive templates instead. If you choose our templates, your website will run faster, and be easier to update in the long run.
  • If you decide to keep your existing design, we will attempt to convert your existing menu, to our dynamic menu engine. This part may incur additional design cost, depending on how your old menu was crafted. Some migrations include this free, as most platforms use similar CSS approaches to menus, but some templates use JavaScript drop-down menus, which are not SEO/mobile friendly.  
  • Next we identify any shopping cart, and import your categories and products. Currently categories and product information is limited to the following fields, and excludes product variations and options. Product variations and options are best imported via a spreadsheet.
  • Then we import any remaining blogs or pages, and import all images and PDFs.
  • Finally we sweep the website to remove any dynamic widgets unique to your old platform. Such widgets include product ratings or reviews.

Product Information Transfer

  • Product Title
  • Short description 
  • Long description
  • Product Code/SKU
  • Price
  • Image (primary image only)
  • All Meta Tags
  • Product URL maintained (natural URLs only)
  • Any other easily identifiable data (on special request). 

Increased Visitor Speed

Your new website will be faster than your old website. Our unique platform approach to websites dramatically speeds up the page generation time. Our minimised/reduced script set requires less browser effort to download and implement. We highly recommend you ditch your old website template, and choose one of our equivalent templates.

Best Effort Guaranteed

This free migration service is a best effort. We will do our best to copy all of your site and make it look as good as we can. However, not all other CMS platforms make this process easy. We may offer you a quote to complete the migration, or you may decide to tidy up any remaining aspects yourself. 

Request a free no obligation transfer of your existing website into our website builder platform.

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