Copy Website - How to apply our CMS to your existing website

Learn how to copy your website and maintain SEO meta data and urls in tact.

Contact us to migrate your website for you. We are currently offering a free migration service. 

Every web page that your existing website has, will be transferred. The following information will be unchanged during the migration

  • All page filenames, URIs and URLs remain intact
  • All meta titles remain in tact
  • All meta descriptions remain in tact
  • All meta keywords remain in tact.
  • All images and attachments remain intact, on the same pathname
  • All content remains in tact. 

The steps included for your free website transfer. 

  1. An initial import of the home page, template, styles, and any images on the home page
  2. An initial import of any page linked from the home page, to become the main website menu
  3. A further deeper file based import, to locate all linked content, including PDFs, all images, all pages
  4. A further cleanup import, to identify any other hidden pages, or sub menu pages, on your website that could be managed via our CMS
  5. A further cleanup to ensure all URLs are relative, and all content has been accounted for. 
  6. A quick effort is made to replicate your sitemap structure into a multi level tree where applicable. 
  7. A quick effort is made to swap your old search for our search box. 

Please choose if you want to maintain your website design, or change to a new mobile responsive template that can be further customised before going live. 

  • Ask for a new mobile responsive template that will wrap your existing content.
  • Or ask to retain your existing design (exactly as it is)

Considerations (not included stuff)

  • We will attempt to convert your menu into our automated menu system, so you can easily add/remove pages. However, some old menu designs are just too complicated to swap over, and either we will leave your original menu in tact, or quote for additional design work. 
  • All forms are automatically replaced by our standard custom form. You may need to tweak any special captcha fields, and impliment any missing thankyou pages. 
  • Search boxes should be changed over to our system.
  • Shopping pages need to be setup separately, and are not included for free. We do however have some tools for importing products more quickly, and we will do our best to import anything that we can scrape easily. 
  • WIX websites do not transfer well sorry. They are full of javascript, and do not SEO well. For the same reason, we can not scrape them easily. 


  • We depend on your old website having "targetable" areas to scrape. We cannot guarantee to do a free migration, but we will do our best. We really do want your business. 
  • We will spend a maximum of 30 minutes on importing your website. We may not do a perfect job, but we will do our best. We do want your business, but we hope the relationship will be profitable and mutually beneficial. We will quote before charging you for any additional work. 

Please complete the enquiry form below, and one of our team will begin the website transfer and get back to you within 1 business day. 

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