Copy Website - How to apply our CMS to your existing website

There are 3 options for updating your existing website.
  • DIY - Create a new website here and copy and paste your existing content in, page by page.
  • FILESITE - We will copy your existing website to our server so that you can make minor edits only.
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICE - Contact us to copy your existing website to our servers. (Contact A Web Designer)


DIY Transfer Option

If you use the DIY copy and paste method, you may note that you will lose the existing template of your website, or you might need to spend some time approximating the original template. The benefits however of doing this work, is that your new website menu will be dynamic and you will be able to add and remove pages from your website easily yourself. This is normally best achieved by doing the following.
  1. Right click on the existing banner of your website, and then "save picture as"
  2. Give it a name like "mywebsite-banner.jpg"
  3. When you create a new website, please select one of the editable banner templates.
  4. Login to Web Widgets and go to design settings, then to banners
  5. Upload your banner there.
  6. You can also repeat these steps if you have a logo to copy and paste also.
  7. If you have additional images/adverts under your menu, then these can be pasted into the design settings, menu footer area.
  8. When copying your content, use "single design pages" for most, or "enquiry forms" for any pages with a contact form on them. (you may need our help with any forms) 
  9. Remember when copy and pasting content, you can't copy and paste photos. Although it might look like it has worked, it has only copied a reference to the photo, not the photo itself, and the link will break when you make your new website live. Please always follow the instructions above for right click saving your photos, then re uploading them into our CMS one by one.


File Site Option - For Minor Edits only

This option is good if have a tight budget and you have only a very few small changes to make to your website, like fixing a spelling mistake, changing a phone number, of just changing a small piece of text. It is not a good option if you want to add/remove pages or make any design changes.

This option is also not suited to all websites. It works well with static websites that were published using something like dreamweaver, where all your pages are in the root directory with .html extensions, and all your images are in the images directory. This option does not work well with websites that have been managed using some other CMS system, nor PHP nor ASP file extensions.

Essentially what we do is give you a different kind of CMS that allows you to edit your existing pages as a whole, including all the menus and design components all mixed up with your page content. So if you were to make a design change to one page, it would not be reflected on every page.

The cost of this option is potentially free if the website transfers ok, it doesn't work every time. We would normally expect you to pay an annual hosting fee rather than a monthly fee if you take this option.


Professional Transfer Option - Best Brand Quality, Easiest To Use

Alternatively, contact one of our web designers to complete your transfer

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