Website Transfer

We can transfer your existing website, giving you the power of our content management, shopping cart and bulk emailer. 

Your new website will look almost exactly like your old website, we sometimes make improvements where we can. Shopping cart layouts and enquiry forms are the places where layout may differ the most. 

It normally costs about $500 to transfer your existing website design and set it up on our server. Then it costs about $20 per page to transfer the content. These fees should be paid to a 3rd party web designer.

Your designer should attempt to reuse your old URL's to maintain google search rank, however, this might not be possible if your old URL's were not well formated to begin with.

We can easily make a copy of your website and work on the copy while your old website continues to function. When you are happy with your replacement website, then that is the time to complete the transfer.

Tips on Website Transfer:

  • If you are not happy with your existing website design, you'd often be better to let our designers create a new design for you. 
  • If you have a shopping cart, it is often faster to transfer the product data using Excel CSV files or a 3rd party inventory system. 
  • It is easy to transfer domains. At the earliest opportunity, make sure your registrant contact details are correct and get a copy of your UDAI. But do not transfer your domain name until your new site is completed.  It takes about 2 working days to switch domains and make your new site live. 
  • If you don't require our special CMS/Ecommerce functionality, then we can still host most static HTML websites "as is" with no design time fees. We do those transfers for free if you pay your annual hosting fee in advance. 

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