Discounted Websites for Charity

Your charity website is free to setup using our standard themes and templates. 

We have fantastic low hosting price for all charities & small clubs that have no paid staff, and no income. 

Charity Hosting Plan Offer - Only $110 +GST per year. 

Please take special note of our conditions of offer:

  • Your organisation should have a clear charitable purpose, it is not enough to be a "non profit".
  • Religious and political groups are excluded from this offer. 
  • Your organisation must not have any paid staff, and an internal running budget of less than $2000 per year.
  • Customer support is limited to 1 hour per year. 
  • You must pay for any traffic overage, domains, and design time. 
  • Your trial must be under way prior to requesting this status, and you must have a link on your website back to thanking us for our support. 
  • You need to contact support making a statement as to why your charity can not afford to pay ordinary hosting rates, and why you believe we should offer a charity hosting plan.
  • Final acceptance is strictly subject to our discretion. 

Sports Teams and Clubs 

The definition of a club entitled to a charitable plan would be a "club" with income/subscriptions under $1000 p/a , and under $1000 assets. e.g. a sports team, but not the club that owns the fields/courts. Members must be not have an obvious ability to pay the already low cost of web hosting, e.g. youth or lower socio economic. 

Other Free Options

Consider getting a facebook page if all you want is a free website presence. You can redirect your domain name to your facebook page for free. 

How to get the Discounted Charity Hosting Plan

  1. Create your website using the normal start building link
  2. When you want to go live, make your 1st annual payment of $110 +GST instead of the stated hosting plan. 
  3. Copy and paste the bullet points above and make a statement to the effect that you accept those terms and email to our support desk


This offer is also available to relevant websites already on a higher hosting plan.