Best eCommerce SEO Tools

Search engine traffic is free, always available and relies on your eCommerce website maintaining its high SEO levels. Great SEO means your website ranks highly in search engine results pages, ideally within the first 10 listings on page 1. To achieve this, the use of eCommerce SEO tools is required, of which we are sharing the best of these with you today.

Best eCommerce SEO Tools

SEO eCommerce tools are used to help you:

  • do keyword research
  • test your site's speed
  • analyse what you competitors are doing
  • identify relevant content to add to your website
By having this information, you are able to make solid decisions about what to do to your website to improve its rankings. With global forecasts indicating that by 2027, up to 25% off all retail sales will be online, you can't afford not to focus on your eCommerce SEO. Here is our list of the best paid and free eCommerce SEO tools you could be using to boost your rankings:

Ubersuggest had both a free and paid option. It is mainly used for keyword research, but can also perform site audits, competitor analysis and content ideas. It allows you to track projects and keyword lists and provides reliable data.

Screaming Frog will crawl your website like Google bots do, identifying any problems including URL errors, too short or too long meta tags and broken links. Both a free and paid version are available.

Ahrefs can help you track key metrics, compare your website's performance with others, undertake keyword research and provide an SEO audit of your site.

Answer the Public gives you great short and long tail keywords. It is useful for giving you ideas on what content to write about for your website and SERPs results for each individual query it produces. 

SEMRush provides you with keyword research tool, position tracking, competitor analysis and SEO audits. Free for 10 searches per day, otherwise a paid tool.

KWFinder is ideal for finding long tail keywords and competitor keyword analysis. You need to have an account with them to be able to search for free.

Moz Pro gives you access to a range of eCommerce SEO tools for research, including keyword research, rank tracking, site audits and crawling, page optimisation and link opportunities.

Google search console tells you what keywords people are using to find content like yours and is free to use. 

Google analytics shows you how your keywords are working, tracks views and noted website conversions. 

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Keyword Tool can help you find long tail keywords by capturing information from Google autocomplete. It is free to use. 

Help in Doing Your Own SEO

At Website World, we like to make it easy for our customers, so we have an ever growing number of DIY SEO articles ready to help you. Or if you'd prefer to hire someone, we can recommend these SEO professionals. 

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Posted: Monday 5 February 2024