Address auto completion

At the end of last year we added address auto completion to various forms and shopping carts. Address auto completion is powered by Google using data from many different providers around the world. This speeds up data entry for users, and encourages auto completion and use of post codes.

However, sometimes issues with address layout or odd choices of province name may occur. 

If you have issues with the address layout, either you need to contact the relevant provincial legal authority to confirm their opinion of the correct address layout, and/or consult with google.

To speed up solving specific issues we have added the ability to use our "prompt rewording" service to reword city or state names. That way you can immediately deal with issues prior to google eventually updating their database.

You also have the option to edit a customer address in the CMS. 

Regarding Rural Delivery Numbers

In addition, there are issues with rural delivery numbers not provided by google. To get around this issue, we have added logic that will decode from a postcode to confirm if an address is a rural delivery address. (It will be displayed to the left of the address under the prompt, address. This logic is provided by NZ post, and appears to be 99% good.  

We have also added wording to the data entry form asking users to add their RD number to an address if missing. You may still need to edit an order in the CMS to fix any erroneous addresses prior to sending. 


Google address auto complete has been long requested by users, and is a very good feature for our system. However, website builder cannot provide warranty over the quality of the address data. In addition, all courier companies have different rules on what constitutes a rural delivery address. We do the best we can with the data we have access to. 

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Posted: Tuesday 6 January 2015


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