Top Tips On Increasing Your Facebook Engagement

Facebook engagement has always been around, but has become more important recently because it is one way to increase the number of people who see your posts, without you paying to promote them. Facebook is now deliberately showing less of your business posts to your fans and using the engagement rate on each of your posts to choose which posts they push through and which they don’t. 

What is Facebook Engagement?

Engagement happens when people interact with your posts. Your engagement rates are measured in percentages from the number of people who have seen a post who either liked, shared, clicked or commented on it. The higher your engagement rates, the larger your reach or number of people who will see your post in their newsfeed is. 

How Can I Increase Engagement On My Posts?

Obviously you have to share with your audience something they like. Sounds simple, but you really need to know your audience well in order to achieve that. Every business and every business owner is unique and so are your customers or clients. Finding something that not only works with your brand, your values and your needs, not to mention fits with your audience too, is mighty tricky. 

Top 5 Tips

Once you have found your content, the next step is to present it in such a way that your audience will feel like they absolutely have to respond to it. That’s where these five tips on growing Facebook post engagement really come in to play.

1. Ask questions

Everybody loves to have their say, which is why asking questions works well to boost the number of comments you receive. The trick is in choosing the right type of questions to ask your audience. Consider using questions which:

• Require just a yes or no answer

• Ask their thoughts on something specific

• Use a photo and ask their opinion about it

• Ask their preference between this or that

• Ask them to share their tips on doing something specific

• Ask them who is attending certain events

• Spark a sense of nostalgia

2. Crowdsource for answers

Have your audience PM you their questions which you can ask anonymously on their behalf of your audience. Not only do people love giving advice about what others should be doing, but many people find reading about the trials and tribulations of other people highly entertaining and will interact by giving comments a ‘Like.’

3. Tell them what to do

Being really specific and telling your audience what you want them to do, can work very nicely. You could post a photo of a beautiful deserted island and ask your fans to ‘Like’ your post now if they would rather be there than where they currently are. Giving a call to action will also encourage people to do what you want them to will bring better results than waiting for them to decide what their response should be. 

4. Create a regular event

Creating a regular event with your posts gets attention, such as by having a ‘Friday Nostalgia’ photo post of hairstyles we used to wear or a ‘Caterday’ post of pictures of cute cats every Saturday. They get people remembering your page specifically for doing something on a certain time or day, which in turn gets them talking about it and sharing your posts with their friends. 

5. Show your personality

Your audience not only follow you because they like your products or services. They follow you because they like you! Share with them photos and stories about what is happening in your life and business. Doing this will help your fans relate with you more and personalise your business.

Remember that engagement is crucial in getting you free organic places in the newsfeed of your fans. So be prepared to acknowledge and respond to their comments and questions, as Facebook engagement is a two-way street too. 

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Posted: Monday 8 February 2016


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