eCommerce Website Blog: December 2012

  • Alternative hosting options & alternative CMS products are available. Some opensource systems to consider include:
    OsCommerce Shopping Cart
    Joomla CMS
    Wordpress CMS
    Drupal CMS
    OS Ticket (Support Ticketing System)
    Posted: Thursday 13 December 2012
  • Our Christmas Gift to you
    Every year we donate to Oxfam Unwrapped, rather than sending you Christmas cards or junk you don't need.
    Posted: Thursday 6 December 2012 , 1 Comments
  • What is the ultimate media center... I'm intrigued by the lack of cohesion of the entertainment devices in our living rooms, and I am sure the complexity is so that shops can sell more appliances.
    Posted: Tuesday 4 December 2012 , 5 Comments