Expert Review

The CEO of our business, Reuben Jackson, will review your website personally, to check that you are utilizing the very best features of our eCommerce platform to maximum advantage. 

Reuben will spend one hour tweaking any obvious tweaks, and giving you a list of to do items, such as how to better use discounts, vouchers, loyalty points, newsletters, etc. 

Reuben will check that your website is SSL ready for Google's big update in January 2017

Reuben will check that you don't have any javascript bugs or issues from 3rd party plugins. 

Reuben will attempt to optimize the download speed of your website by compressing any big images and removing any superfluous code. This hidden code can build up if you have an old page with lots of edits. 

Reuben will quickly review your SEO to see if there are any benefits you can achieve. 

Reuben will attempt to ensure your website is mobile compatible within the time permitted.   



  • This is a one step process. Please ensure you have put all your questions into your first email. 
  • Reuben will spend one hour providing answers to your questions, and the questions above, as time permits. 
  • If any additional correspondence is required to understand the tips and directions provided, then this may incur additional fees, which will be communicated to you.  

Promo Cost

NZ$100 (+gst)   /    AU$100    /    US$75    /    EUR65    /     GBP60

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